Can someone please tell me what I should do?

I want to be kind. I want to be fair.

But..I feel like pulling out all of my hair.

Not interested in  the same tweet 11 times in a row

In conversations that have no where to go

Not interested in  your drama and such

Not interested in stroking the egos of nuts

Spare me the details of your latest crush

I thought junior high was the place for such stuff!

I want to run from the likes such as this

But always afraid I’ll get somebody pissed

So,how do you detach from a nut who is  following you?

Can someone out there tell me what I should do?

Do you ignore all the madness that they dish out?

Do you stifle the urge to shout it all out?

How dare you unfollow!

Do you simply remove them from your follow list?

No matter how many people that at you get pissed?

I want to take the high road but am confused what to do?

Can someone out there tell me what I should do?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

8 thoughts on “Can someone please tell me what I should do?

      1. I thought I had escape from drama after I stopped going on Facebook so much! -Looks like it followed me to Twitter. I hate unfollowing people, but sometimes it necessary to keep one’s sanity. 🙂 Or what is left of it in my case!

  1. May I suggest you unfollow them all
    And keep just my awesome tweets on your wall
    Then you can get all of my Twitter spam
    And easily turn into my favourite fan 😉

    Hehehe kidding of course, but I feel your pain! Nice rhymes!

    1. Thank you so much for being such a poetical guest.
      I always enjoy a reply from Mr.Nest.
      Your tweets are most awesome..well most of the time.
      They are especially good when you take the time to rhyme.
      I think you should be careful not to turn into a “Ham”
      I like reading your posts on twitter- but you can keep the spam. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping!

  2. I had to log in, just for you
    so that I could tell you what to do:
    unfollow teens, tweens, no-goods and spammers
    particularly avoid those with bad grammars
    (except me
    you see)
    then do what I do: a block ’em quest
    and when next there, scroll quickly through the rest.

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