For the 5 of you who frequented my old blog site you may remember the pouty lip posts -they are gone forever I am afraid.

To any new guest: the gist of the pouty lip posts is that I often feel sorry for myself and always feel the need to write it all out.

Any Questions? -No?  GREAT!

Oh, you have some…well okay….

Why the pouty lip?

Well, first of all my pouty lip posts were  very special to me and now they are gone!

What do you mean you already guessed as much??-Are you a mind reader or something?

The biggest reason for the pouty lip is I feel like the unpopular kid at the blogger party.

WTHis the matter with you?  Your new blog site has been up and running for like 5 days now,  and you have gotten 8 replies.  You got 12 views just today,  so quit complaining, you deranged broad!

You must have been to my old site if you’re asking  questions  like that and  I have to say that there is  no need to be so rude about it!

I want it all now!- Is that unreasonable?

Oh, it is?

Yes,  I guess that my expectations are a little unreasonable and a little unrealistic.

That is what makes me so charming.

What do you mean -what do I mean by charming?

Ahem…that was a rhetorical question and I can’t print that on this blog, so  you can stop being so rude!

Well..I feel better…ranting always helps.



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.


  1. I’ve had some pouty lip days myself. It’s tough to be visible in such a blog-weary world. Commenting on other blogs helps, but some days those numbers just aren’t there, are they? 🙂 Of course, if you put an image of a shirtless Will Smith and Hugh Jackman on your site, as I did for a post (though I didn’t realize its effect at the time), you’ll get several hits a day of people searching for “six-pack” or “Will Smith nude.” Hey, I’ll take it anyway I can get it. 🙂

    1. Hmmm…Will Smith or Hugh Jackman, eh? I’ve been going about this all wrong…shirtless men coming up on my blog shortly…or shall I say…shirtly? This…this is a new low, sorry!

      1. This is probably one of the few tactics I will not be using…unless I get really desperate! Ah…let me clarify that statement…for blog replies, I mean.

    2. Too much family viewing the site for.. ah…well…male anatomy…

      After I posted this I got another follower…so whining can be effective! 🙂

    1. Charlie who? That crazy guy from that lame show? Popular or not here you are replying to my post…I use whatever means effective to get replies. Ranting, pouting, begging,whining, or shaming other bloggers with guilt.

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