Let’s just say for the sake of argument that you grew up believing that the monkeys from the epic movie “The Wizard of OZ”  were in fact monkeys and not little people dressed up in monkey suits .

Let’s say that you knew there were no blue faced monkeys and that monkeys do not typically have wings, but you thought that the make-up department of MGM in the 1940’s didn’t have to deal with people badgering them about animal rights, so they just painted those monkeys’ faces blue and then strapped a vest with attached wings on to the monkeys.

Now, if you grew into adulthood believing this, besides being demented, you probably would be a hard one to convince  that they were not monkeys at all, but were in fact recycled munchkins dressed up in monkey suits.

How can you help your self? – Self talk!

Yes, by talking to yourself you can convince yourself that those monkeys were not real monkeys.

So, by one crazy behavior-talking to yourself-you can cancel out a more disturbing crazy behavior, believing in blue faced winged monkeys.

Let’s begin.

Monkeys do not have blue faces-Yes, I knew that.

Monkeys can not fly and do not have wings-Yeah, I knew that, too.

The monkeys in the Wizard Of OZ were not real monkeys- Oh yeah, what were they then, kangaroos?

The monkeys were little people dressed up in monkey suits.-Are you sure?

Yes, I am sure.  Look at the proportions between the witch and the monkeys-see the monkeys would not be that big-well maybe they are really big monkeys.

No, Rachael they are not just really big monkeys, they are little people dressed in monkey suits, how many times are we going to have this discussion?-You just said the monkeys were too big now your saying they’re little people. So, I guess there can be little people but not big monkeys?

Yes, that is what I am saying-what about gorillas and orangutans they’re big?

Those are apes not monkeys-everyone calls them monkeys.

I am not interested, young lady, in what everyone calls them, they are apes not monkeys!-okay calm down!  Just take some deep breaths..1…2…3…

Ah…thanks…where were we….Now we know, don’t we, that they are little people, but no big monkeys!  And that the monkeys in  The Wizard of OZ are not real, right?

well…I do believe you about the little people and that the orangutans and the gorillas are apes, but I am still not so sure that those were not real monkeys with their faces painted blue and wings strapped to their back.

Oh forget it!



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.


    1. I was terrified of that witch!
      When I was a kid I thought they had painted real monkeys blue and strapped wings on their backs!
      I wasn’t a particularly bright kid.
      As, always thanks for stopping by!

      1. I will admit to also being terrified of the Oompa Loompas in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” though I loved the movie. After a few views of it though, my fear dissipated. 🙂

      2. I wasn’t afraid of the Oompa Loompas, but after watching the paddle boat freak out scene…I wouldn’t watch it again for awhile.
        As always thanks for stopping by.

  1. This reminds me of the time that I had to rationalise myself out of believing that bananas play a key role in the coming zombie apocalypse and thats why i dont eat them. I still hate bananas but i have learned that my previous views were irrational.

      1. Aaaah, but what if you have blue radioactive ninja monkeys with wings?! How awesome is that?! I’m actually a bit surprised Hollywood hasn’t picked up on this idea yet!

      2. That is an awesome idea! Ah…your not thinking of any kind of experimental bioengineering with those monkeys of yours are you?

  2. Wow, do I ever feel naive. As a kid and maybe young adult too, and maybe until this moment, but mostly as a kid, it never occured to me that the Wizard of Oz monkeys weren’t real. I believed they had real wings, and were naturally that sick blue color because, because they were wicked. Isn’t that what happens to wicked things? That movie is the reason I’ve never liked monkeys. Any monkeys, ever! They are as evil and ugly now as they were then. I’m beginning to hyperventilate just thinking about them. What was it you said about talking to yourself, or self-talk, or crazy behavior? Anyway, fun post to read. :))

    1. Yes, but do they fly and do the bidding of an evil witch?
      The monkeys are adorable! Now ,that I know they are real I will just have to work on convincing myself that they cannot fly.
      Don’t be sorry for breaking the news!
      I can now claim that I am not totally demented after all and thanks to you I have the photos to prove it!

  3. That was great! I, too, thought they were real as a kid. I don’t think that says anything negative about our intelligence, I think it says we were very creative!

    It was one of my all time favorite movies, but at the same time, scared me so much. It was just such a vivid movie! I remember, back before you could get it on video, it coming on once a year and being so excited that it was the Wizard of Oz night! Our whole family would watch it together, and my dad would get annoyed when I would either leave the room, or watch through my fingers when the witch was in a scene. Scariness.

    1. I think you are right, we were just extra creative!
      I remember waiting for it every year as well. I think I loved it for the big bowl of popcorn and the fudge my mom made to eat while we watched it, as much as for the movie itself. Good times! 🙂

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