With today’s insanely fast paced life, coupled with people’s short attention spans, much of the advice for writer’s blogs is that you should try and post something at least every other day on to your blog.

But, I only wrote 3 blog posts this week!

I write a lot, if you have stumbled a cross this blog and have come back a few times you can see that.  But, I am not sure I could keep up with that schedule, because of the phenomena known as: Writer’s block!

Writer’s block is real,  and sometimes persistent, and trying to fight it is like chasing windmills-you feel like you have accomplished something, when in reality you have not.

The ideas just keep going round and round.

I can not force my brain to think when it says: “Not, now I need a break” Unfortunately, the more I try to over ride this built in system the stupider I become.

Ideas flutter and flirt with me most days, but this a complete post does not make. The best I can do is jot the ideas down and then come back when my brain decides it has rested enough.

If I tried to write something just to have a posting it would be complete and utter garbage.  And, who would want to read that?

So, I humbly disagree that you have to post something every day, or even every other day.

Something smells…Oh, it’s this blog!

Once a week would keep me coming back if the content is good, maybe even every other week, once a month is pushing it, but I did wait almost 3 weeks for one particularly good site; the owner very  wisely altered  his audience that he had to take a break.

First impressions are often the only impression you get to make and filling up a blog post with crap just to have something there seems misguided.

The audience is unlikely to give you another chance and will go elsewhere.

If you blog or write I would love your opinion on this topic.



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

Got something nice to say, witty, silly, profound, demented, redundant or redundant? Go ahead make my day!

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