1.Mobile home park

The best place to find material.

Just spending a couple hours in the summer would give you enough notes for a year or more.

If you have the good (?) fortune to live in one you will have a constant cast of characters and material to draw upon.

I know I have lived in a couple of them.

There is just something about a trailer park that draws in the crazies.

There are 3 types of people who live in trailer parks the normal, the insane, and the stupid.

The first type will not be much help for you, because not being insane or stupid they mostly stay behind locked doors.

The second group is where most material can be gleaned from, but it can be somewhat dangerous.

Whatever you do –do not look them in the eyes, as with a male cat this is a direct challenge to their authority and territorial rights.

The safest bet is the stupid, although not as much material gathering potential as the insane it is much safer and being stupid they will not catch on that you are ridiculing them as the insane bunch might.


Where do the trailer park crazies go on vacation? Why to the county fair of course!

But, it doesn’t stop or end with the trailer park bunch there are all kind of weirdos  at a county fair!

There are the pot head hippies not hilarious, but they do enough dumb crap and are dressed weird enough to get some material.

There are those confused individuals who do not realize that the “glory days” have passed them by.

These are the ones who try to fit big thighs into “skinny jeans” and a large sagging bosom into a tank top 2 sizes too small.

But your best source of material will most likely be the crew who runs the actual rides.

Covered from head to toe with tattoos, usually unkempt, and often toothless.

You would have to visit a circus from a bygone era to see more freaks gathered in one place!

Although, you would think that taking tickets from the general public would require some people skills nothing could be farther from the truth!

Have you ever seen one look you in the eyes as they take that ticket?

Did you ever hear a syllable of their mumbled babbling  when they did bother to speak to you?

And let’s just say cleanliness is not next to Godliness with the county fair crew.


Any event put on by any city that is free is going to be a great place to watch humanity in all of its strangeness, but outdoor concerts are the best.

You have to be a little more choosey, because some of the concerts are actually aimed at a more culturally aware group.

The ones that feature classical music  or big band era music are best avoided.

There is no scientific data known to man why the craziest people are drawn to Rock and Roll concerts, but just like us they seem to love their Rock and Roll.

Country bands will draw a more rural  but just as crazy group.

So, for your observational purposes stick to country or to rock and roll concerts.

You will have ample material both in the local bands featured and the people gathered to watch them.



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