The trouble with nails.

I bought some nails, no not the kind from the hardware store the press on type.

I have been trying to get in touch with my girly side, middle age thing? (Possibly)

They looked real “cool” in the package and it says right on the package easy to apply!

Yeah! Easy- I can do that!

The packaging was not easy to open, but a combination of swearing, sweating, and biting through the package finally gave me access to the easy press on nails! ( Nothing says “feminine” like biting through plastic packaging and swearing like a sailor)

They do not warn you on the package that once you get more than two of the press on nails glued in place it is not so easy to pick up the pretty little nails and glue them to your own not so pretty chewed up nails.

I had not done anything like this for years, so I am kinda outta practice. ( Outta, is too a real word!)

The nail on my left ring finger did not look right for some reason….hmmm…

Oh well, I went out with hubby and daughter and got a soda with them.

Only on returning home did I realize what I had done wrong!

I had glued a big nail where a little nail should be, big nail is for the thumb, not for the ring finger. ( At least I learned something!)

The package says you have to use nail polish remover to remove the offending nail.

I do not have any nail polish remover –So, my big nail where a little nail should be is here to stay, at least until I get to the store!

Being a girl is hard!



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

2 thoughts on “The trouble with nails.

    1. This was an older post, so, my nails are back to normal,now. I have sworn off press-on nails, but do occasionally paint them.
      I would be concerned if you knew what you were talking about. 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

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