Male driving logic?

Riding in the car  with my husband I have noticed he does quite a bit of complaining about the  other guys’ lack of driving skills.

There is usually a running commentary on how inept they are and a general pointing out of all their many personality flaws.

Laughing, I point out that when he makes the exact same screw ups – that it is  somehow different.

He said I finally understood male logic?

This is what I think I understand:

Male logic:

When I screw up there is always a reason for the screw up that is beyond my control.

When the other guy screws up he is inept, a stupid moron, a pathetic loser, has oatmeal for brains, and he can best be described by a lot of unprintable unrepeatable names.

So, guys did I get that one right?



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

6 thoughts on “Male driving logic?

  1. That is how it works for most guys. For me it is a little bit different.

    I am, in fact, better than other people. I do understand that not everyone knows this and many refuse to even recognize it. I don’t screw up. It is ALWAYS the other person.

  2. The avian version are very similar. They flap at each other, peck each other, chase each other off and then complain that only one of them can eat the bird seed, cos the other dude is such a … well, I can’t tell you the bird language they use, but it ain’t pretty!

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