I am bored!

“So what?” -You are thinking- EXACTLY!

That is why being bored is so boring!

I could get up and do something-isn’t complaining, something?

Hardly productive, but is something!

I could clean the house, but after all it has gone this long without it, what can a few more weeks  hurt?

I could work on and turn in that assignment for my writing class, but that’s not due for 3 days-why rush it?

No one is on Twitter; okay, I see how stupid that sounds!

Someone is always on Twitter, but no one wants to play!

Facebook is quiet as well, family is probably sleeping, which is what I should be doing instead of complaining about how bored I am!

I could write a rant about how bored I am-BINGO!

Still bored………………………



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

Got something nice to say, witty, silly, profound, demented, redundant or redundant? Go ahead make my day!

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