Bad blog post! Whatever you do do not read this one!



After pouring time, effort, thought, and hard work trying to write a blog that is entertaining and readable, getting little to no results thought I would try reverse psychology.

I am attempting to write a very bad blog post and maybe some one will like it and read it and make a comment or hate it and make a comment I do not care and in case you have not guessed yet my first attempt for bad blogging is this very long very boring run on sentences with bad punctuation?!

Anyone can spell badly and I am a natural at it just can not get out of habit of using spell checkers.

The real question is: What subject matter can I use to bore you to tears?- Golf?

Don’t know enough about the game because I never learned to play because it is so freaking boring!

If you like golf sorry.

Really, I am sorry you like golf.

The mind numbing dribble I have to read for  my online classes?

Well I don’t  like to be cruel. Not even for the sake of a bad blog post.

The never ending sameness of my boring pathetic life?


Today I got up, ate breakfast, did dishes, took a shower, cleaned the office, drank the proper amount of water, did online classes, wasted two much time on twitter and Facebook, did laundry all friggen day because we just got the dryer fixed!

Posted my blog site information a dozen times or so on the above websites, read a few blog sites by other bloggers-commented on one,  I also ate lunch and dinner, played Sorry with the family, watched a movie with my daughter, wasted more time on twitter and face book, and wrote this pathetic excuse for a post.

Sometime in the far recess of the night my head will hit the pillow and tomorrow it can start again!

First I have to waist even more time on twitter.

I can honestly say that this is a pathetic waste of blog space, something I can not recommend or be proud of and if you skipped all that went  on before this insane rambling closing statement then you just saved yourself a lot of aggregation and needless mind numbing.

Disclaimer: If you are now angry because you did read this pathetic waste of blog space and feel you have been cheated out of your precious time all I can say is well I warned you in the header not to read it so you only have yourself to blame!

Why in the world are you still reading this? I am headed back on twitter.



I am me and nobody else. One of a kind just like the rest of the world.

6 thoughts on “Bad blog post! Whatever you do do not read this one!

  1. You knew once you said Do not read, we would. Very tricky little sis. This sounds like a Seinfeld episode! I could write about my day, not so mindless and boring, but ever so busy and stressful. Those of us who, at one point in our life thought it was the greatest idea, to clutter our lives with a 40-50 hour work week and then insanely take the little free time we have and promise one thing or another to someone thus cluttering the weekends and do not take the time to do the mindless boring things actually envy you and your twitter, facebook, laundry, game playing days! (:(: How did you like that run on sentence? (:

    1. Keep on writing those run on sentences!- You, English Major ,you- it makes us grammar hating idiots feel a whole lot better! 😉 It doesn’t pay very well being pathetically boring, that is the down side and the upside is….well..not sure what the upside is…
      Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to reply! 🙂 Much appreciated!

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